WX 500 Stormscope System


Weather Mapping Sensor Certified/production aircraft price is from $6500 installed. Equipment must be installed for all aircraft.



Whether you are a commercial pilot flying an all glass cockpit or a General Aviation pilot with a traditional panel, Stormscope fits the model that suits your needs. Whether viewing on a dedicated display or overlaying the information on a moving map, Stormscope offers the most display options of any weather provider. With its multiple output options, Stormscope keeps pilots informed of lightning strikes the second they happen. Stormscope is certified and flying with almost every display manufacturer, and the list is growing everyday:

  • L-3 Avionics Systems’ SmartDeck
  • Garmin G1000, GNS400/500 Series, GMX-200
  • Chelton Flight Systems FlightLogic Synthetic Vision EFIS
  • Avidyne FlightMax MFD Series, Entegra, EX500, EX5000, Multi-Hazard Display MHD
  • Apollo MX-20, UPSAT MX-20, Goodrich i-linc
  • Bendix King KMD-850, 550
  • Sandel ST3400
  • OP Technologies
  • Rockwell Collins ProLine IV and Proline 21
  • Select Radar Indicators – Most Radar indicators using the RGC-350
  • Moving Map