KTU 709


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  • TACAN unit used in conjunction with related distance and navigation indicators to provide distance, bearing, groundspeed and time-to-station information with respect to a selected TACAN or VORTAC ground station
  • Remote mounted 252 channel unit
  • Solid state transmitter and large scale integrated circuit (LSI) technology
  • 18-33 VDC power input
  • All tuning done electronically with single crystal digital frequency synthesizer
  • Channel selection is controlled by serial digital data stream fed from the KDI-572 or KDI-574 DME indicators
  • Generates synthesized VOR composite output when a bearing signal has been acquired
  • TACAN VOR composite signal may interface with converter-driven VOR instruments or area nav system such as the KNS-81 (-30/34)
  • Incorporates self test mode used to verify range and bearing computation
  • May be tuned by KFS-579A NAV/TACAN control or various RNAV receivers, nav controls

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KTU 709 TACAN, KTU 709 TACAN w/28V, black control head, KTU709/KDI572 TACAN DME IND, KTU709/KDI572 TACAN DME IND 14/28V lite, KTU709/KDI572 TACAN DME IND 5V lite


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