KN 63


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Only BendixKing Silver Crown KN 63 offers so many high-performance DME features in one compact, low-cost package.

The TSO’d KN 63 is a complete 100 watt, 200-channel remote DME system utilizing Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuit technology. Offering significant advantages in DME reliability and performance, the KN 63 is all solid-state (no transmitter tubes) and can be installed with either single or dual panel indicators.

Distances up to 389 nm (at line-of-sight altitude), groundspeeds up to 999 knots and time-to-station up to 99 minutes are computed digitally and displayed simultaneously on the KDI 574 panel display.

Distance lock-on is virtually instantaneous (usually within one second) with accurate groundspeed and time-to-station readouts following in less than a minute.

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KN 63 remote DME, KN 63 remote DME, no antenna, KN63/KDI572 remote DME w/IND, KN63/KDI572 remote DME w/IND, no antenna, KN63/KDI574 remote DME w/IND


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