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The KN 53 is a TSO’d panel mounted 200 channel VHF VOR/LOC receiver with a 40 channel Glideslope Receiver/Converter. The NAV receiver supplies VOR/LOC information to navigation converters and provides two out of five frequency selection for remote mounted Distance Measuring Equipment. Units that include Mod 10 exhibit increased immunity to interference from FM Broadcast Stations.

Behind the new faceplate and lighting of the KN 53 are the features that give you the operating reliability you need. With this TSO’d system, tuning your radio -including all 200 VOR/LOC channels, from 108.00 to 117.95 MHz, along with a built-in 40-channel Glideslope receiver is fast and accurate. With its robust design, the KN 53 is the perfect fit for pilots who want a panel comprising separate avionics components. Operating on any DC current from 11 to 33 volts, it can be interfaced with either our KI 204, KI 209 or KI 209A VOR/LOC converter/ indicators. Additionally, it will operate an HSI such as our KI 525A, with a remote KN 72 VOR/LOC converter. The KN 53 also provides output for automatic channeling of DME systems, and a composite VOR output signal to operate a KI 229 RMI.

Reflecting the importance of precise control, the KN 53 offers innovative frequency storage capability. For example, the “flip-flop” NAV pre-select feature allows you to store one frequency in the standby display while operating on another, and then switch between the two instantly with the touch of a button. Having both frequencies displayed at all times gives you immediate re f e rence to the stored channel. In addition, both frequencies are stored in a special circuit component that doesn’t require battery power. The unit remembers your selected NAV frequencies, even through shutdowns or momentary power interruptions. Overall, the KN 53 enables you to efficiently stay ahead of your navigation operations.

This system is part of the Silver Crown family.

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