KDI 572


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The top-quality KDI 572 distance measuring equipment (DME) master display controls and displays information from a remote DME transmitter/receiver. It displays distance, groundspeed, and time-to-station all at the same time. Slant-range distance is computed digitally and displayed up to the maximum range of 399 nautical miles.

Station lock-on is typically achieved within three seconds, with accurate groundspeed and time to station computations becoming available within one minute.

The KDI 572’s single control switch makes it easy it operate the entire DME system as well as DME channeling. It has settings for ON/OFF, NAV 1, NAV 2 and DME HOLD. Tune the remote DME to NAV 1 or NAV 2.  DME HOLD allows the DME to stay on the current frequency, while the navigational receiver is re-tuned to another. Comes with an indicator for area navigation (RNAV) to let you know if the displayed distance and time are to a waypoint or a radio navigation beacon. Compact in size, the KDI 572 takes up a minimal amount of cockpit space. A light-sensing photocell provides automatic dimming for the gas charge display. Available with 28 or 5 VDC lighting.

Use with the KN 63, KDM 706, KDM 706A, or KTU 709. TSOd

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KDI 572 DME IND 14/28V lite, KDI 572 DME IND 5V lite


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