Eagle Angle of Attack Kit


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Eagle Kit

Kit Features

The Eagle Display is a Chevron plus Diamond Style display. With the Eagle Display, when you come in for a landing you want to fly to the blue donut (on speed for landing). Should you come in with too low of an angle of attack, the yellow chevron will light up and tell you to put your nose up. Should you come in with too high of an angle of attack, the red chevron will light up and tell you nose down.

  • Instantaneous Angle of Attack indication.
  • Additional indication segments with added diamonds.
  • Three point calibration process, programmed on remote switch panel, to aircraft specific lift curve.
  • 16 different LED brightness levels from ultra dim to very bright.
  • Display has an imbedded photocell for daytime/nighttime brightness settings, choice of which is programmed at the display.
  • Audio output, tied to existing audio input on audio panel by others.
  • 4 different audio options to choose from which is programmed by the end user at the remote switch panel.
  • Audio mute switch with amber LED indicator located on remote switch panel.
  • 12-28 VDC input draws less than 0.250 Amps at full brightness.
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