Dual GI 275 Kit


For a limited time only! Don’t miss out on these New Dual GI275 Kits and SVT specials

Sale prices effective through June 18, 2021

This is an install only part.  The price is for the part only, the installation is extra.  Call or fill out the online quote form to get full install pricing.  You must have us install the system once you purchase it online.
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 Garmin is pleased to introduce two new dual GI 275 kits that provide a full range of functionality at a great price. 

 These dual GI 275 kits provide airspeed, altitude, attitude, heading information, outside air temperature, MFD capabilities, CDI or HSI, and autopilot control, along with a single 60-minute backup battery. The time has never been better to upgrade older, vacuum-style instruments. 

 The new dual GI 275 kits allow for ease of ordering and are priced to provide significant savings compared to purchasing individually.

 Kit, Dual GI275 w/GMU11, ADAHRS includes:

  • GI275 ADAHRS, Class I/II, Kit
  • GI 275, ADAHRS (unit only)
  • GMU 11
  • GTP 59

Kit, Dual GI275 w/GMU11, ADAHRS & ADAHRS+AP includes:

  • GI275 ADAHRS, Class I/II, Kit
  • GI 275, ADAHRS+AP (unit only)
  • GMU 11
  • GTP 59

Garmin is offering SVT enablement on sale now!

Each GI 275 Kit comes with a 10-hour trial of synthetic vision technology (SVT), which overlays a rich, 3D topographic view of terrain, traffic, obstacles, airport sign posts and more, all within the GI 275 attitude display. To continue taking advantage of this dynamic feature, you can purchase a downloadable SVT enablement for your GI 275 for just $500! 

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