CNI 5000




Upgrade your CNI 5000 Integrated Radio System to be ADS-B Out compliant. This affordable retrofit is a slide-in replacement for your existing KT 70 transponders. Your CitationJet model 525, 525A, or Bravo 550 will be mandate-compliant with the new KT 74 transponders broadcasting on 1090 mhz. This solution can be additionally expanded to receive ADS-B In using UAT, providing you with weather and traffic information. Down to the new face plate, it is a fully certified solution.

Dimensions: 6.3in x 10.7in x 1.7in
Weight: 2.98 pounds
Class 1 Mode S Level 2 els
11-33 VDC
Nominal Transmitter Power: 240 W at connector
Current consumption at 28V: Idle: 0.22A, Active: 0.45A
TSO: C166B / DO-16OG / DO181E / DO-260B / Class B1S
Do: 1788 Level B / DO-254 Level C
STC: approved in accordance with AC20-165A”

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CNI 5000 ADS-B Upgrade, no GPS, CNI 5000 ADS-B Upgrade, w/GPS, CNI 5000 Bravo STC


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