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SkyTrax200: Dual Band (1090MHz and 978MHz) ADS-B IN Solution for Whatever and Wherever You Fly

The Avidyne SkyTrax200 includes dual-band (1090MHz and 978 MHz) ADS-B receivers that provide direct line-of-sight reception of ADS-B Traffic targets for use in airspace in the U.S. and around the globe. SkyTrax200 is capable of receiving Flight Information System Broadcast (FIS-B) weather via 978MHz in US airspace where the FIS-B is available. The SkyTrax 200 is also capable of receiving the traffic output from an active traffic system such as the Avidyne SkyTrax600, TAS600 series, Ryan 9900BX, or a legacy SkywatchTM system, combining it with the ADS-B traffic directly received over either band and TIS-B traffic received from ATC, and presenting an integrated view of dual band ADS-B, TAS, and ATC radar traffic.

The Avidyne SkyTrax200’s weather and dual-band traffic can be displayed on Avidyne’s IFD-Series GPS/NAV/COMs and also on Avidyne EX500, EX600 or EX5000 Multi-Function displays (MFD) and Entegra R9 integrated flight deck systems. The SkyTrax200 supports standard Capstone and Arinc 429/735 interfaces and can also be interfaced with a wide variety of standards-based traffic displays. SkyTrax200 has been approved under new ASTM International standards process.

Existing Avidyne customers with the single-band Avidyne SkyTrax100B receiver can have their units upgraded to SkyTrax200 dual-band capability. For a limited time, this software upgrade is being made available free of charge. Dealer labor to perform the upgrade is not included



Receive only
  • For IFD540/440 customers with AXP340 Mode S Transponder (1090MHz ADS-B Out) > 18,000ft
  • Width: 7.28″ (185 mm) [width includes mounting bracket]
  • Height: 2.04” (52 mm)
  • Depth: 6.2” (158 mm) 
  • 1.40 lbs (0.64 kg) – excluding cables
  • 978MHz TSO Rule Compliant ADS-B IN
  • TSO-C154c, RTCA/DO-282B
  • 9-33VDC
Input Current (8W nominal)
  • 0.6A @ 14VDC, 0.41A @ 28VDC
  • -20 to +55 C



  • Direct line-of-sight reception of ADS-B Traffic targets via 1090MHz or 978MHz
  • Receives FIS-B Weather via 978 MHz (U.S. Airspace)
  • Receives non-ADS-B (Transponder-equipped) traffic via TIS-B (U.S. Airspace)
  • Display ports for ADS-B Traffic (Arinc 429 & RS232)*
  • Has An Internal WAAS GPS
  • Requires An Approved WAAS GPS Source For ADS-B OUT


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