AeroFlight KI 300





AeroFlight, also known as the KI 300, is a modern, solid-state system that can serve either as a primary or backup attitude indicator. It also has the option for an autopilot adapter, the KA 310, that can control many autopilots, including native support for many BendixKing autopilots.

Upgrade to All Digital

AeroFlight provides a modern looking electronic display that provides aircraft attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed and slip/skid. It is a complete AHRS in a 3″ package that fits in your existing panel cutout. Its internal battery eliminates the need for a vacuum gyro and provides 2 hours of standby performance.

Reliability and Safety

With no mechanical moving parts, AeroFlight has a MTBF (mean time between failures) of 10,000 hours, which means it will likely never fail for the life of your airplane. It is certified as sole source replacement attitude source for an autopilot, and can also serve as a perfect backup indicator.

Affordable Upgrade

AeroFlight’s KI 300 and KA 310 replaces the KI 255, KI 256 and the KG 258 with no changes to your instrument panel. KAP 100, 150, 200 and KFC 150, 200, 225 autopilots are natively supported using the AeroFlight KA 310 autopilot interface. The autopilot can be aligned and the air data computer calibrated, both with AeroFlight in the panel, simplifying installation and maintenance. This upgrade lets you save the typical $4000 to overhaul mechanical gyros every 800 hours, and gives all of the information in a primary flight display at a much lower cost.

Standard Features

  • Solid state replacement for KI 255/256 flight director indicator and KG 258 attitude indicator
  • Displays pitch, bank and flight director bars
  • Displays barometric air pressure
  • Displays TSO’d airspeed, altitude, vertical speed and slip indicators

Available Options

  • Yaw rate sensor replicates KRG 330 and 331 yaw rate sensors
  • KAP 235 replaces KA-185/285 annunciators if controller can’t be in pilot’s normal field of view

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KI 300 Attitude Indicator w/AP, adapter-0 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator w/AP, adapter-10 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator w/AP, adapter-15 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator w/AP, adapter-8 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator-0 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator-10 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator-15 deg panel, KI 300 Attitude Indicator-8 deg panel


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