AeroCruze 230


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Vastly expanded functions

  • Full 3-axis autopilot
  • Automatic wing leveling corrects unusual attitudes
  • Coupled approaches
  • Roll steering
  • Altitude pre-select
  • Precise turns to capture heading or approach even in high winds
  • Drives flight director bars

Unparalleled ease of use

  • Only touchscreen autopilot available in the market
  • Mode annunciation so you know what the autopilot is doing
  • Dedicated knobs and buttons for frequently used functions

Quick and affordable upgrade

  • Starting at $9.800 USD*
  • Includes altitude pre-select
  • Yaw damper available separately
  • Includes brand new 2-year warranty on your existing servos
  • Reuse existing servos and wiring to minimize installation costs and reduce downtime from 3 weeks to 1 week

Standard Features

  • Altitude pre-select/alerter
  • GPS/ILS/VOR tracking and approaches
  • GPS Roll Steering (GPSS), VS
  • 2-axis is standard
  • 3-axis available with optional yaw damper
  • Form-fit replacement for KFC 150 and KFC 200
  • Computer is remote for KFC 200/250 replacements
  • Glove-friendly, color LCD touch screen
  • Dedicated controls for frequent tasks
  • Attitude input from approved source

Supported Aircraft


  • Aerostar Aircraft Corp. PA-60-700P (Aerostar 700P)
  • Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) A36/A36TC/B36TC 1984 & Above
  • Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) B36TC, CE-511 thru CE-771, F33A CE-712 & after
  • Cessna 182P, 182Q, 182R, 208, 208B, 210R, T182, T210R, TU206, U206G
  • Mooney M20K, M20J, M20L, M20M, M20R, M20S
  • Socata TB10, TB20
  • Piper PA-32-301, PA-32-301T, PA-32R-301 (SP & HP), PA-32R-301T, PA-34-200T, PA-34-220T, PA-46-310P, PA-46-350P, PA-28-161, PA-28-181, PA-28-236, PA-28R-201, PA-28R-201T, PA-28RT-201, PA-28RT-20T


  • Piper PA-34-200T, PA-34-220T, PA-44-180
  • Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) A36, A36TC, B36TC,
  • Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) E55, E55A, 58, 58A, 95-C55, 95-55, 95-B55, D55, 95-A55, 95-B55A
  • Textron Aviation (Beechcraft) 58TCA, 58TC, 58P, 58PA, 58P, 58PA, 58TC, 58TCA, 58, 58A
  • Cessna 421C, 340A, 404, 414A
  • Mooney M20K, M20J

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AeroCruze 230 Flight Control System KFC 150 upgrade, AeroCruze 230 Flight Control System KFC 150 upgrade w/ Ann Panel, AeroCruze 230 Flight Control System KFC 200 upgrade, AeroCruze 230 Flight Control System KFC 200 upgrade w/ Ann Panel


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