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AeroCorder 100 Flight Data Recorder (FDR), commonly referred to as a “black box”, extends the standard features of existing FDRs with a new approach to capturing, storage, and protection of flight information from flight instruments along with cockpit voice recordings. Using a patent-pending innovative memory insulation technique, AeroCorder 100 offers a smaller size, lower weight, and less power consumption than traditional FDRs in a modular and flexible architecture.

These features combine to make it the lightest and lowest volume TSO’d FDR on the market. The “software free” recorder allows for aircraft specific configurations as well as the addition of creative and useful expansion capabilities. AeroCorder 100 can also be flange mounted in any orientation where space is at a premium.

AeroCorder 100 FDR includes an ARINC 717 interface for data collection in today’s digital cockpits. To expand AeroCorder’s 100 capabilities, a data acquisition module is available from Flight Data Systems (FDS). The Modular Acquisition Unit (MAU) converts AeroCorder 100 into a Data Acquisition and Crash Recorder System. By using MAUs you can pull in a variety of inputs into AeroCorder 100, making it the ideal option for Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Safety Management.

AeroCorder 100 comes standard with a TSO 121b Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB), and provides for two different mounting locations for greater installation flexibility.

Manufactured with titanium, AeroCorder 100 meets or exceeds all requirements of ED-112A and TSO C124c as well as qualification to DO-160G environmental and power requirements. The rugged enclosure is ideal for airborne operational environments including commercial and military, fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

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