KRA 405B


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The KRA 405B radar altimeter (RADALT) is a lightweight, solid-state, airborne altimeter that provides accurate altitude measurements above terrain during various portions of flight. With more than 10,000 produced and sold to date and more than four million service hours, the KRA 405B RADALT has proven to be one of the most reliable and industry proven radar altimeters available.

The KRA 405B System provides the pilot with dependable, accurate altitude Above Ground Level (AGL) information during approach and outputs this information as analog voltages and ARINC 429 digital format, which makes it ideal for both retrofit and new installations.

The KRA 405B is easier to install and minimizes aircraft downtime, which can save you both 

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KRA 405B Radar Altimeter, KRA405B/KNI415 Radar ALT 28V BLK, KRA405B/KNI415/KA54A Radar ALT 28V BLK, KRA405B/KNI416 Radar ALT 28V BLK, KRA405B/KNI416/KA54A Radar ALT 28V BLK, KRA405B/KNI416/KA54A Radar ALT 5V BLK


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