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  • Skytrax 600 Traffic Advisory System


    This is an install only part.  The price is for the part only, the installation is extra.  Call or fill out the online quote form to get full install pricing.  You must have us install the system once you purchase it online.

    Recommended for entry-level, single-engine piston aircraft, the Skytrax600 features a 7nm range, a 3,500-foot vertical separation maximum and 18,500-foot service ceiling.  The Skytrax600 Sets a New Standard Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS), which are based on the technology originally developed for air-transport category traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS), have been available for general aviation aircraft for several years, but have been cost-prohibitive for many owner-flown aircraft.

    Skytrax 600 Traffic Advisory System

    TAS System Ranges
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  • TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection


    Avidyne’s TWX670 is a third-generation lightning-based weather detection system that provides a simple and intuitive color-contoured display with instantaneous picture of surrounding weather.

    • Close-range lightning detection (0nm-25nm and up to 200nm)
    • Geo-stabilized lightning
    • Audible callouts
    • High degree of noise immunity
    • Clear and Restore capability
    • Built-in test capability
    • Built-in skin mapping and noise analysis
    • TSO-C110a Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection
    • Dimensions (Sensor): 7.9″ × 2.5″ × 4.0″ [20.0cm × 6.35cm × 10.16cm]
    • Dimensions (Antenna): 9.5″ × 5.0″ × 1.3″ [24.13cm x 12.7cm x 3.3cm]
    • Dimensions (Display): 3.18″ × 3.18″ × 7.36″ [8.08cm x 8.08cm x 18.69cm]
    • Weight (Sensor): 1.4 lbs. [0.64kgm]
    • Weight (Antenna): 1.7 lbs. [.765 kgm]
    • Weight (Display): 1.88 lbs. [0.85 kgm]
    • Power: 10-30 VDC, 0.4 A @ 28 VDC

    TWX670 Tactical Weather Detection

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