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    L-3’s Next Generation Electronic Standby Instrument System is one of the most advanced standby instruments designed specifically for piston and turboprop aircraft and helicopters. The compact unit is scalable and comes standard with altitude, attitude, slip/skid, vertical speed and aircraft track. Options are available for the display of navigation information and Synthetic Vision (SynVis), including terrain and obstacles. Magnetic heading is an available option when coupled with the low cost and compact MAG-500 magnetometer. The ESI-500 is compatible with existing NAV radios and GPS hardware. An internal lithium-ion battery pack automatically powers the system without interruption upon loss of main input power.

    ESI 500

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    ADS-B compliance just got easy.

    The Lynx® ADS-B transponder and display systems offer a simple, affordable and highly capable solution to the FAA’s 2020 mandate. The award-winning and patented Lynx line of ADS-B transponders go well beyond the capabilities of a normal panel-mounted transponder, transforming cockpits and expanding pilot situational awareness. The display of the Lynx system has been optimized by utilizing touchscreen technology. With the swipe of a finger the unit can display traffic, weather and terrain. It is a great leap forward in display technology—one that can be updated and configured for almost any aircraft in any environment.

    NGT 9000

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    Weather Mapping Sensor Certified/production aircraft price is from $6500 installed. Equipment must be installed for all aircraft.

    WX 500 Stormscope System

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