Aircraft Rental and Flight Instruction

Flight Instruction

Rates vary per instructor, contact for instructors and rates

  • Private Pilot

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate Training

Aircraft Rental

Available for rent to anyone with a Private Pilot License or better.  Also available for rent for flight instruction and student solo.

Hourly Special: Prepay for 10 hours and get the 11th free

Cessna 172A

$115 wet per hour

  • 180 HP  Lycoming Engine
  • Hartzell constant speed prop
  • Top of the line Garmin Avionics

Cessna 150D

$90 wet per hour

  • Aspen PFD1000
  • GMA345 audio pane
  • GTR225 COMM
  • GI275 Primary Engine Instrument System