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  • Garmin GTX345 Panel Mount All-In-One ADS-B Transponder


    Only able to ship for experimental aircraft.  Call or fill out the online quote form to get full install pricing for certified aircraft.

    The all new Garmin GTX 335/345 series transponders are designed to be the one choice when it comes to an ADS-B solution. Both models feature the Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B “out” with an option for a built-in WAAS position source as well as dual link ADS-B “in.”


    Garmin GTX345 Panel Mount All-In-One ADS-B Transponder

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  • Garmin Flight Stream 510


    This is an install only part.  The price is for the part only, the installation is extra.  Call or fill out the online quote form to get full install pricing.  You must have us install the system once you purchase it online.  If purchasing for an experimental install see note below.


    Flight Stream 510 is a small, patented Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®-enabled MultiMediaCard (MMC) that enables communication between the GTN 650/750 series and two compatible Apple® or Android™ mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. Wi-Fi connectivity is specifically for Database Concierge wireless database transfer, and Bluetooth allows for a wide variety of additional capabilities, including flight plan transfer. Customers can easily incorporate wireless technology into their aircraft with the latest GTN software upgrade and Flight Stream 510, as no wiring changes are required. Pilots can more easily manage their database subscriptions with Flight Stream, while also receiving additional benefits such as wireless flight plan transfer and sharing of traffic, weather, GPS position and more. For customers with a G500/G600 glass flight display installed, back-up AHRS information also wirelessly displays within a mobile device.

    Garmin Flight Stream 510

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  • Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Certified


    Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Certified

    Primary Attitude Indicator For Certified Aircraft

    The compact and cost-effective G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance and reliability as a standalone primary source for aircraft attitude information. It also displays secondary information, such as airspeed and altitude, to offer enhanced situational awareness. G5 features an economical upgrade path in type certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft, accomplished via supplemental type certificate (STC) with a comprehensive approved model list (AML). The safety-enhancing capabilities of G5 revolutionize general aviation (GA) by bringing modern attitude reference to thousands of aircraft that would otherwise depend on older, vacuum-driven equipment.

    Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Certified

    G5 Attitude Indicator
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  • PMA7000B Audio Panel


    The PMA 7000 series audio panel not only provides a great set of capabilities, it also lends itself nicely for upgrading an existing Bendix/King KMA 24 audio panel. The PMA 7000B is KMA 24 pin compatible, making the cost of the upgrading less expensive.

    PMA7000B Audio Panel

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